Hello good people.

I usually send out a box of assorted home-made butter cookies to friends and family, but this year I am hoping to send it out to some good people here. They’re nice hand-crafted boxes and the cookies are made in a nice, clean kitchen with fresh organically sourced ingredients. I’m hoping to send out about 20-25 boxes depending on how the sign-ups go.

The sign up form is here - https://forms.gle/dNqXGYLVkkdJM42V7

Cookies -

  • Made of locally sourced ingredients, mostly organic
  • Gluten-free options available (peanut cookies, almond cookies)
  • I suppose butter comprises as dairy - so no dairy-free option, but peanut cookies can be made that way.
  • These are not big-cakey cookies, but rather small, crumbly butter cookies.
  • Ideally I would prefer it to be one-box per household, but if I am left with extras, they can be given away on first-come-first-serve basis.

Payments -

  • The cookie-box itself is free, but should you feel like contributing to the cost of ingredients, you can use this link
    • In order to keep the running costs transparent, we are going to try and keep a running spreadsheet of the costs incurred in the process - this will be publicly available.
    • Should you choose not to contribute, it wont be held against you. You get the same cookie box with equal love, regardless ❤️
  • If you are choosing to get the box delivered, it would be preferred if you could cover the postage.
  • I will not be able to hand-deliver the box anywhere outside of Dublin 4, however postal would be okay!


  • What is the last day for sign-up? 15 November, 2021
  • Can I send it to my mam in Canada? Sadly, no. This is Ireland-only
  • Can I share it with my friends? Yes, that would be nice. But Ireland-only.
  • What is the shelf-life of the cookies? They last up to 4 weeks at room temperature, but I’m 100% sure they will be gone within less than a week 😋
  • When will the box be shipped/ready for collection? Depending on signups, I am aiming for shipping within first/second week of December
  • Are there more people involved? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) no, its a one-woman shop and I have a lot of support from my partner, Stephen ❤️
  • Is this a business in making? Absolutely not. Its an opportunity for me to share my love for baking with people I love. This is not a retirement-plan or a business opportunity.

The sign up form is here - https://forms.gle/dNqXGYLVkkdJM42V7

Looking forward to sending you cookies!